20 Cool Websites to Visit When You're Bored!


20 Cool Websites to Visit When You're Bored!

Are you bored out of your freaking mind? That’s all about to come to an end. In this video, I will show you 20 cool websites that will make it easier for you to pass the time. Whether you’re simply just looking for a site to have some fun or want to explore interesting websites to fill the hours and maybe learn something new, we’ve got you covered.

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“Useful Websites” Playlist

“Amazing Websites” Playlist

**With limited space, the URL for each website is shown in the video. TIME STAMPS included below for your convenience.

0:23 Caffeine Calculator
1:12 A Place to Vent Your Feelings
1:31 Discover Hidden Gem TV Shows & Movies
1:59 Free Personality Test
2:30 Massively Multiplayer Online Game
3:04 Live Local Radio Worldwide
3:22 The Musical Time Machine
3:39 Age Statistics
4:10 Sliding Block Puzzle Game
4:39 The Musical Feline
5:01 Best Operating System Ever!?!?
5:46 Live Flight Tracker
6:08 Do-It-Yourself Projects
6:27 Machine Learning Research Project
6:55 The True Size of Countries
7:20 Game That Knows What You Are Thinking Of
7:40 Hearing Test
8:34 Discover Random Useful Websites
9:04 Discover Random Useless Websites
9:17 Discover Random Interactive Websites



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If you do have goals, are you measuring them? We often ask people, “what are the objectives of your site?” Answers usually vary from “our site is supposed to provide information about our company’s products”, or “the site is supposed to effectively convey our brand to our audience.”

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1) increasing the quantity of your leads

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b) Display the benefits of your product or service

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d) Overcome the objections your visitors may have about your product

e) Persuade them to take action and become a lead for your sales team

Web Site Goal: Drive Sales & Revenues
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1. Get more visitors to shop for and buy your products

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3. Get visitors to return and buy more often

As you can see from these two examples, setting specific goals and objectives for your web site will allow you to set your plan for improving your results. Now that you have your goals and objectivesBusiness Management Articles, you’re ready for the next step which is increasing your web site’s conversion rate.

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