5 Outdoors Monthly Subscription Boxes For Adventure Lovers


Adventure, sport, and other outdoor activities require preparations. These outdoor subscription boxes are not about veteran adventure lovers alone. It is also about newbies who would want to learn and improve their experience in adventure and outdoors. Various packages suit different interests and passions. Before you embark on an outdoor adventure, you should look at the list above and choose the best package.


Are you looking for a cheaper way to try out innovative and new outdoor equipment, gear, and foodstuff? Every outdoor enthusiast knows the importance of the right gear and planning for an outdoor adventure. The market has so many products, and it can be challenging to identify some. Then an outdoor monthly subscription box is your best option.

Outdoor subscription boxes are monthly shipments of adventure gear. Some boxes have a curated broad selection, while others have specific themes like camping, fishing, or sportlike adventure. The outdoors monthly subscription boxes will have the required materials for your outdoor adventure. Every adventure will depend on someone’s interest, and some would want hiking while others would prefer fishing.

There are outdoor monthly subscription boxes for different people. Some are for women, others for men, while others for kids. Some subscription boxes are also dedicated to an emergency survival kit. Outdoor subscription boxes guarantee fun, memories, and safety. With hydration technology, correct camping gear, and snacks, you will enjoy every expedition out there.

Are you ready to begin your outdoor adventure? The list below will help you make the perfect choice in your adventure subscription box.


Battlebox offers a fantastic outdoor subscription box for survivalist adventure lovers. It has a monthly cost of $29.99, which includes a shipping fee for the basic package. The advanced package goes for $59.99 plus a shipping fee. It also has a pro package for $109.99 and a pro plus package for $159.99 plus shipping. Their subscription boxes have innovative gears from top brands.

From a sample box, the accessories included were the following: camping materials, preparedness devices, and emergency gears. The items in the accessories will be inclusive of flashlights, sharpeners, fire starters, compasses, knives, and other essential items for a survival adventure.   


The outdoor subscriptions at Cairn help you discover the best outdoor gear. They have several plans. By signing up, you will pick the plan that excites you. You will then receive six products monthly or up to ten top products quarterly. The folks at Cairn have a surprise for you each quarter or month. The products you can expect are skincare products, emergency equipment, gear, apparel, and foodstuff.

Once you receive your box, you will review the products in it. You will receive points you can use in the Cairn shop to get free boxes, apparel, and gifts for your friends. Cairn also has a program through which used gear can be sent back and resold. This program is called ‘Gear Up Give Back.’ All the proceeds go to charity.

Let us take on a sample box, the Obsidian box. It comes quarterly at $249.95. This box is a bit expensive. However, over $300 of gear included makes it worth it. Some of the items in the package include three fruit-filled Clif bars, a black diamond rainwear shell, a book, the epic hikes of the world, a toiletry bottle, and a transporter backpack. The box package is beautiful and contains all the items you may need in your outdoor adventure.

Cairn has different box options which give you the freedom to pick the package you love depending on your budget and interests. This box will be beneficial to those who would love hiking, traveling, or exploring other adventures.


Formerly known as Coastal Co, Beachly, is a subscription box for beach lovers. After joining, you pay $99 for the whole season. You will then get a box of up to eight top beach-inspired products. There are different products for men and women.

Some of the products you can expect to find include jewelry, coastal home décor, beach essentials, accessories, hair products, and lifestyle products. Top brands feature in each box like Nixon, Billabong, Roxy, and many more. Beachly also takes part of the proceeds to charity to help clean the coastline.


The RunnerBox was founded in 2013. It introduces athletes to some of the best products in the sports market. The items in the box include up to 14 products. They deliver the package monthly. Each box worth $29 has up to $60 worth of different accessories.

The products in the box include lacing systems, socks, band liners, nutritious snacks, and many more. Most of the snacks were made from natural ingredients. This package can be a perfect subscription box for sports lovers.


These outdoor subscription boxes are for those who are courageous enough to try survival skills. Some of the items include a fire starter, hideout box, marooned box, and a hydration-themed box. They also deliver monthly.

A sample box had several tools like a torch, torch patch, stormproof matches, fiber lightFree Articles, and many more. This subscription box is ideal for anyone who wants to try an adventure on surviving out there.


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