Amazons of E-Books: Two Women That Successfully Sell E-Books


For a long time I was the only one I knew that sold e-books. I’ve been selling e-books for 7 years, and when I would say “I sell e-books” at parties, people would barely know what I was talking about for a long time.

I was shocked when a mutual friend told me about Julie Fast, a woman with several successful e-book sites including As it turns out she does the same thing for a living as I–selling e-books, and lives right in the same area.

When I met her in a Portland, Oregon cafe for the first time, I stared at her like she was the “missing link”. I couldn’t believe I was seeing someone that had the same career as I did: selling e-books.

We both shared observations about our Google Adwords and Overture campaigns; we were both optimizing our customer service and e-mail re-marketing strategies. Having all these unique things in common was too good to be true.

Julie and I have the lifestyle of selling e-books in common as well, and it is all too often a guilty pleasure. It means having time – time to do as you want to do, like writing that long put off card to a family member or friend. Or going to the dog park more often. It means having to explain to relatives that work three jobs that you are skipping off to yet another vacation destination. And that maybe they could write some successful e-books too.

Julie and I now meet in cafes, or at one of our homes so that we don’t have to do our work alone. We share that we don’t have to work at all, but work when we want to. Our websites and campaigns do most of the work for us.

I have found joy with my friend Julie Fast. We celebrated my birthday on the Oregon Coast–my cake had a big “E” on it. We’ve recently started talking about e-books on the radio, teaching classes about e-booksScience Articles, and we even wrote a 100 page e-book together called “Make A Living Selling E-Books”.

Well I thought I would share our little story with others. Our lifestyle is too good to keep all to ourselves.