Best E-books for Building a Home Business



Sometimes the old cliché is right:  the best things in life are free.  The first two books I highly recommend are
free, and can be obtained from the website, by
signing up to receive a free internet marketing course.  The course will prove to be helpful, as will
the ebooks.




The next e-book can be found on
the website



The website offers the following
ebooks worth reading:


Telecommuting Employment by
Edward B. Toupin is only 27 pages long, but packs much information into those
pages, and the full book is available for purchase.  The free 27 pages are a good teaser.  You will want to purchase the entire book, if
only for the section titled, “The IRS.”


Online Business:  A Practical Primer for the Netrepreneur
by Angela Wu will provide you the most practical advice about
starting an internet home based business. 
One of the best chapters is titled, “Making Use of the Best Free
Advertising Available.”  That chapter
alone is worth the effort of downloading the book.


Gainfully Employed:  How to Quit Your Day Job & Be Gainfully
Employed            is another book by
Edward Toupin, and entirely free.  It
contains tips on starting and maintaining an internet business.  The appendix is particularly helpful because
it lists telecommuting links.  It also
has a list of questions to ask yourself before starting an internet based



How to Earn a Guaranteed Living
Online in Three Easy Steps
by Jimmy D. Brown proves to be helpful for
someone beginning an internet business.  I
am usually wary of anything with the word “easy” in it, but it surprised me
with its usefulness.  


10.  Internet
Business Planning Workbook
by L. Joshua Eikov and Patricia Rorabaugh is one
of the most useful e-books.  Being a
workbook, it is only 15 pages long. 

I decided to throw in a non-internet/home-based online business e-book
recommendation, as an added bonus.  Beyond Plutocracy by Roger Rothenberger
is only available as an e-book, and is free. 
It is a book every American should read, regardless of political
persuasion or party affiliation.  In the
words of the author, “One of the most important questions that one can ask
oneself in life is this: Is the world a better place for my being in it? The
best that one person can do is to be generally loving and helpful to others and
to try to make some contribution toward the good in some larger sense. Such as
it isPsychology Articles, Plutocracy is my attempt to make a contribution toward the good.”

I wish you a good time as you explore my ten favorite
e-books (not to mention the bonus book).

Top Ten Books of 2020: All About Diversity! [CC] [sous titres Fr]

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Hi everyone!
2020 is coming to an end (finally!) and here are the top 10 books I have read this year! As you will see, they all diverse books, one way or another, as it was truly important to me to promote diversity. I had many great reads this year, but these were all top-notch and definitely some to add to your TBR!

⬙Books mentioned⬙
*The Poet X:
*Cemetery Boys:
*The Invisible life of Addie Larue:
*The House in the Cerulean Sea:
*The City we became:
*The Extraordinaries:
*Spoiler Alert:
*The Tea dragon festival:
*All boys aren’t blue:
*Black Girl Unlimited:

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My name is Elise (she/her), I’m French but I’ve been living in Canada for 5 years now! As you can see, I read mostly in English (though I do keep reading in French too), and I decided to create this channel with bilingual videos because it’s important to me to represent both sides of me 😉

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