BMW 7 Series 2012 – Top-Notch Innovation, Comfort, and Exquisite Design



The BMW 7 Series 2012 model offers 2 different sedan body styles and a wide range of models. All if the 7 series models come with standard equipment. Those that are designated with L will offer 5 additional inches of wheelbase that is usually located in the back-seat legroom area. The BMW 7 Series is powered by a three liter, six cylinders and sends 315 horsepower with a six speed automatic. The BMW 740i is the entry line 2012 BMW and includes rearview camera, cruise control, Dynamic Damping Control, a hard drive based navigational system, and a two way powered moonroof. A popular choice in the BMW 7 Series 2012 is the 4.4 liter V8 engine. This engine generates 400 hp on its own and the BMW Active Hybrid 7 has an electric motor that produces 455 hp. Individuals can receive 544 worth of horsepower in the BMW 7 Series 2012 that also has a V12 engine when they get the version with a 5.5″ longer wheelbase. All of the BMW 7 Series sedans include a V12 or V8 powerplant that runs on an eight speed automatic transmission. The strengths of this particular series sedan include: – A roomy and lavish interior- Provides a comfortable ride- Provides excellent road holding and handling- Available in an all-wheel drive- Includes many top tech optionsSome of the benefits of owning the BMW 7 Series 2012 flagship model are the fact that it is considered the most luxurious model in the BMW automakers lineup. This series holds a wide range of powertrain options in addition to long-wheelbase and standard versions such as the high-performance Alpina and the ActiveHybrid models. Even the entry level 740i is considered one of the most athletic type large sports sedans available. The 750 and the 760 models provide drivers with leading accident avoidance technology and convenience. Some of the features included in the 750i, 750Li, 750i xDrive, and the 750Li xDrive are the:- Heated Seats- Drivers memory seat- Keyless starting and access- Power closing trunk lid- Memory for steering wheel- Memory for mirrors- Power closing doors- xDrive all-wheel drive in the xDrive modelsSome options available for the 7 series include power side and rear sunshades, infrared Night Vision, dual-screen rear DVD entertainment, 20 inch tires, Integral Active Steering, massaging rear seat and more. With the M Sports package, options available include black headliner, Active Roll Stabilization, sport steering wheel, high performance 19 inch tires and more.The interior of the 7 series is luxurious and classy. The 7 series holds just about every convenience, comfort and safety feature made for the automobile. However; the thing that distinguishes this automobile is a combination of acceleration, sharp handling, a smooth ride and quick response which is not easily matched by sedans in the same class. The innovative chassis technology and weight construction are benefits of the car and give this BMW 7 Series the great driving dynamics that are expected from this German auto maker.If you are in the market for a high performing, quality, and sharp BMW 7 Series 2012 Sedan, make sure the dealership provides the features, look, and financing options that will meet your needs and interests. Visit their website for additional information and opportunities to save.

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