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are an essential commodity and a priority too. But there is a larger
section of Indian society which prefers to wait until the latest
books are sold in flea markets and on pavements at low prices. In
spite of patiently waiting for them to arrive there, here is an
alternative solution. Buy best-selling used books online. They are in
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hardbound books are released mostly ahead of popular paperback
editions by major publishers. They do so to maximize their profits as
these hardbound books are priced quite steep in comparison to the
popular Paperbacks. However, in certain cases, they do release in
mass market paperback editions; in cases where the paperbacks are by
renowned authors like Jeffery Archer or John Grisham or Sidney
Sheldon, whose books are the most sought after the world over in huge
volumes. And yet their profits remain the same as found on the sales
of hardbound books.

new books are priced very high in comparison to the third world
countries like India, where they are priced at half or even lesser
rates comparatively. In spite of this, people in India prefer to wait
for a paperback edition of a book for a few months because they are
cheaper. This demonstrates the consumer psychology behind buying
books. They don’t consider books a highly essential commodity and so
books maintain low priority on perceived shopping needs’ list of a
consumer. Customers belonging to the higher middle class & above
visit a bookstore for an experience of world class books’ shopping.

has a growing middle class population, with the largest English
speaking customers who aspire to buy good books but are hesitant to
buy them at MRP from Bookstore Chains due to budgets constraints.
This is where online bookstores come as a respite for such
value-for-money hunters. Online book stores offer to its Indian
customers, a wide assortment of good quality used books imported from
the U.K. To cater to the demand of good quality used books here in
India, books are brought from UK. Book readers in U.K generally tend
to handle books with care. Later, these books are sold off as
second-hand books or used books. The quality remains superior in
comparison to a book handled by an average Indian book reader.

in India, used books sold off in flea markets or off the pavements,
are re-sold manifold by the street vendors which means more wear and
tear. Hence, it makes sense in buying good quality used books
imported from the U.K – sparingly used and sold at 80% discount, as
compared to new books. ThenHealth Fitness Articles, why buy a new book at 20 – 30% discount
when you can get the same but used at only 20% of the actual price?
There are a few online book stores that offer used books on par with
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