Free Dating Site – How to Choose a Good Site


When choosing a free dating site, there are several factors which should enter into the review before making the final decision. It’s important that the site you select should be a perfect fit with your personality and interests.  Don’t join the first site you see–take the time to look at the features and find just the right site.


A free dating site should provide features that protect your privacy and your security.  Don’t allow your computer to be taken over by spyware or adware.  You, of course have the responsibility for using a good virus protection program on your home computer. The site has the responsibility to use a secure site. The dating web site should have the capability to screen personal information by your choice, and to protect against hackers getting into the information that you don’t want to be public knowledge. You will need to avoid giving out information too soon and the personal information should never be openly available on the internet.

No hidden costs

A free dating site must actually be free.  Don’t choose a free site unless is clearly not going to come back and request funding after 14 days or one month.  This is not a free site if this should happen.  It is a free trial for a paid site.  You should also not have to respond to repeated emails or other types of pressure to ‘upgrade’ your membership into a premium level or to receive full services from the site. Don’t fall for that procedure.  It is less than honest if the site is advertised as free.

Look for a good reputation

When you are looking for a free dating site, one that has a good recommendation or reference from someone you know and trust is the best reference you can find for a site.  If you have no such recommendations, try to find a personal report from an individual on the internet.  You can check for comments on an unrelated forum or check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure there are no negative reports on the site you are considering. 

Be yourself

When choosing a free dating site it is important to look at the intangible feelings you get in exploring a site.  If you are a laid back type person and hate rules, you probably won’t want to join a site that requires a lengthy application, testing or review process before you can even become a member.  If you see the site that you are considering and the web site is filled with links that are poor in quality or that are personally offensive to you, you should stay away from these sites. If the site is inoffensive, but you just don’t like the decorations and styles, stay away from it.  You won’t be satisfied in the long run.


A free dating site that has only been around a few weeks may be good quality and may be a perfect choice for youArticle Search, but it is difficult for you to judge because there’s not enough history to view on the site. Take a look at the history of the site based on the criteria above and determine whether the length of time the site has been operational is enough to satisfy you that the site can run efficiently and effectively. Give a new site some months to mature.

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