How To Look For Baby Books


Look for Books! The books that you pick to read with your
child is very important. If you aren’t sure of what books
are right for your child, ask a librarian to help you choose

Introduce your child to books when she or he is a baby. Let
her/him hold and play with books made just for babies: board
books with study cardboard covers and thick pages; cloth
books that are soft and washable, touch-and-feel books, or
lift-the-flap books that contain surprises for your baby to
discover. Choose books with covers that have big, simple
pictures of things that she/he sees every day. Don’t be
upset if at first your child chews or throws a book. Be
patient. Cuddling with the child as you point to and talk
with great excitement about the book’s pictures will soon
capture her interest. When your baby becomes a toddler, she
will enjoy helping to choose books for you to read to her.

As your child grows into a preschooler and kindergartner,
the two of you can look for books that have longer stories
and more words on the pages. Also look for books that have
repeating words and phrases that she can begin to read or
recognize when she sees them. By early first grade, add to
this mix some books designed for beginning readers,
including some books that have chapters and some books that
show photographs and provide true information rather than
make-believe stories.

Keep in mind that young children most often enjoy books
about people, places, and things that are like those they
know. The books can be about where you live or about parts
of your culture, such as your religion, your holidays, or
the way that you dress. If your child has special interests,
such as dinosaurs or ballerinas, look for books about those

From your child’s toddler years through early first grade,
you also should look for books of poems and rhymes. Remember
when your baby heard your talking sounds and tried to
imitate them? Rhymes are an extension of that language
skill. By hearing and saying rhymes, along with repeated
words and phrases, your child learns about spoken sounds and
about words. Rhymes also spark a child’s excitement about
what comes nextFree Reprint Articles, which adds fun and adventure to reading.

🙄 Diversity Isn't about Adding POC or LGBT 😳

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1st. Don’t comment with something negative if you don’t watch the whole video because I swear there is nothing more hideously annoying than someone with an option that makes no damn sense because they only listened to half the content. (That being said I’m not saying you must watch it all. It’s long, do you.)

Notes: I was really disappointed with the fact that people in our book community thought it was okay to send death threats to an author because she has no plans for her characters to be bisexual. We are better than that. Diversity is a big issue, it’s something I’d love to see more (naturally) but not at the cost of our humanity.

Also—WHY ARE YALL SURPRISED? Maas has never had POC or LGBTQ main characters (except the one for like 3 minutes). If you don’t like it stop buying it. We need to work on uplifting and supporting the books we love. Not parading around examples of what we side eye to death.

Much love to all of you—regardless of what your thoughts are. We are all beautiful people I just wish we’d act like it more often.

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