I Am Peace, A Book of Mindfulness – By Susan Verde | Children's Books Read Aloud


I Am Peace, A Book of Mindfulness – By Susan Verde | Children's Books Read Aloud

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I Am Peace, A Book of Mindfulness by Susan Verde and Peter H. Reynolds – Express emotions through direct speech. Find empathy through imagination. Connect with the earth. Wonder at the beauty of the natural world. Breathe, taste, smell, touch, and be present.

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{pixabay|100|campaign}Image from page 137 of “Better fruit”
Title: Better fruit
Identifier: betterfruit12wash
Year: (s)
Authors: Washington State Apple Commission
Subjects: Fruit-culture
Publisher: Hood River, Ore. , Better Fruit Pub. Co
Contributing Library: New York Botanical Garden, LuEsther T. Mertz Library
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Page 20 BETTER FRUIT The test of to-davis the Pocket Book test Today home management is on a war, not a peace basis. "How much am I getting in nutriment for what I pay?" is the home manager’s problem. In peace or war Ghirardelli’s Ground Chocolate makes good as an economical and appealing food. A blend of pure cocoa and sugar, two of the most nourishing foods known, it supplies energy and resupplies waste tissue at lowest cost. Use it freely as a food and you will prac- tice food conservation. Ghirardelli’s Ground Chocolate comes in %-lb., 1-lb. and 3-lb. sealed cans. Order from your grocer.

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November sary to prevent decay in the trunk where large branches have been taken off. Trees of ten to fifteen years’ growth should have the branches cut at places where they are not more than three inches in diameter, taking out all the branches which are not necessary for the top. This necessitates going well out on the branches and a large number of scions. Having determined the trees which are to be top grafted by the records of previous years, the operator marks the stubs that are to be left by a small notch out of the bark at the place where the cut is to be made. All other branches are cut close to the body of the tree. The operator places the scions and an assistant fol- lows with hot wax covering all cuts on both scions and stock. In cutting large branches it is necessary to make two cuts, the first being some distance out- side the final cut to prevent splitting the stub or the trunk. Scions should always be of mature wood, with as small pith as can be had readily, and must have good living buds, though not necessarily those of the last year nor from any particular part of the growth. They may be from one-fourth to one- half inch in diameter but should have at least two buds. The growth having buds close together is best as shorter scions can be used, and as these are not so much exposed to evaporation are more sure to grow. When the tree is prepared use a heavy butcher’s knife and mallet to split the stubs, placing the knife across the stub as if a chip one-half to five-eighths inch thick was to be split off. Then depress the handle of the knife to an angle of 30 to 45 degrees and split the edge down to two and one-half to three inches, allowing the knife to reach the farther side of the stub but not making the split en- tirely across the stub. Open the cleft with a steel wedge one-half to five- eighths inch wide and thickest on one edge, placing the thickest edge toward the outside. Trim the cleft smooth with a sharp knife. Then cut the scion so as to have perfect joints inside as well as along the inner bark and place it so the inner bark (the cambium layer) of both will be on the same line, or at least will cross twice, then remove the wedge and put hot wax over all the cuts on both scion and stock at once, being careful to pour hot wax in the cleft until full. The work should be examined every three or four days until an inch or more growth has been made on the scions, and if thread-like cracks are found they should be closed with hot wax so the scion will not be exposed to the air until a callous has formed. Any cuts on the tree not covered by wax should have a coat of heavy mineral paint and the body and stubs a coat of whitewash. The wax is made of one pound beeswax, five pounds resin, one pint flaxseed oil and one ounce lamp- black, melted together. The object is to get a wax that will not run in the heat nor crack in the cold, and a little practice will soon show whether the wax needs more or less oil. A conven- ient furnace can be made for heating the wax in the orchard by taking a coal- WHEN WRITING ADVERTISERS MENTION BETTER FRUIT

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