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Have you ever considered renewing design of your web site? In that case you may want to know about place where you can find free photo content for your web.

Artmill Photostock is a new name in the design world that provides graphics professionals with a full range of image options in a friendly, intuitive and professional environment.

Artmill Photostock, a Canadian company, produces and distributes unique, premium quality professional photo imagery for the advertising, graphic design, publishing and multimedia corporate communities.

Artmill Creative Group, a company founded by entrepreneurial newcomers in 2001, launched Artmill Photostock in December 2002 with a firm resolution to compete successfully in the Canadian and world imagery market.

“We offer many advantages over our competitors”, – stated Michael Kostrov, President of Artmill Creative Group.

-First of all we hope to provide small and medium sized businesses with affordable product, that is both unique and of high quality. Our prices on Right Managed images are 5 to 10 times lower than other well established Stocks Photography whose prices are better suited for larger corporations with considerable budgets. As such, Artmill’s first competitive advantage is providing unique quality product at a competitive price.
-The second very important advantage Artmill has over well known Stocks Photography is the choice of product. We do not increase the assortment because of poor images. We prefer to keep our gallery clean, with our primary focus on people, business, abstract and wildlife. We have high standards and choose product for our gallery accordingly.
-Exclusivity is our third key. We exclusively represent talented photographer Olga Kostrova who has a great sense of colour combination, light, and composition.
-Another advantage is a flexible choice for Royalty Free images. Other major photo galleries require you to buy an entire CD with numerous images that will never be used. Instead of this inconvenient method, Artmill offers a membership system. During the membership period our clients can choose Royalty Free pictures one by one as needed for a specific topic. Prices for Royalty free images can be purchased for as little as $6.99 CDN per image. When a client purchases a One-year Gold Membership for only $699.00 CDN they have access to 100 unique, exclusively distributed quality images for their personal and professional use.
-In addition our clients have access to FREE photos. This section, as with the others, is updated weekly.
-All images in the People category are model released. It allows the opportunity to use Royalty Free images for any purpose without any limitation.
-Many of the images in Artmill’s gallery have stories behind them. Using category or keyword searchesScience Articles, our clients can find images that may suggest new ideas for a promotional campaign. Artmill Photostock is “A PLACE WHERE CREATIVE MINDS EASILY FIND CREATIVE IDEAS”.

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