Image from page 226 of “American bee journal” (1861)


Image from page 226 of “American bee journal” (1861)
Title: American bee journal
Identifier: americanbeejourn1781hami
Year: 1861 (1860s)
Subjects: Bee culture; Bees
Publisher: [Hamilton, Ill. , etc. , Dadant & Sons]
Contributing Library: UMass Amherst Libraries
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1881. THE AMERICAN BEE JOURNAL. 223 SPECIAL NOTICES. gg" Single copies of the Journal sent postage i>;iid for 5cents each. —. » m • ■ — <iT Those who may wish to change from other editions to the Weeklj ,can do so by paying the ditlVrence. (IT When changing a postnfliee ad- dress, mention tlie Ota as vt 11 as the new address. .» ♦ . . Ribbon Badges, tor bee-keepers, on which are printed a large bee in gold, we send for 10 ets. each, or $S per 100. Advertisements intended torthe BEE Journal must reach this orlice by Saturday of the previous week. Photographs of prominent Apiarists —Langstroth.Dzierzon.and the baron of Berlepsch.—Price i3 cents each. ^T Constitutions and By-Laws for local Associations 82.00 per 100. The name of the Association printed in the blanks for 50 cents extra. Because it adds to Personal Beauty by restoring color and lustre to gray or faded hair, and is beneficial to the scalp, is why Parker’s Hair Balsam is such a popular dressing. 27w4 A Sample Copy of the Weekly Bee Journal will be sent free to any per- son. Any one intending to get up a club can have sample copies sent to the persons they desire to interview, by sending the names to this office. Examine the Bate following your name on the wrapper label of this paper; it indicates the time to which you have paid. Always send money by postal order, registered letter, or by draft on Chicago or New York. Drafts on other cities, or local checks, are not taken by the banks in this city except at a discount of 25 cents, to pay expense of collecting them. 15D0LLARSZF0R$1. Wishing i Introduce our hooka and ibmr the’r s’.se. style of bind Inc. etc., wo hnve decided io make the GRANDEST AND MOST LIBERAL OFFER OF THE CENTURY, for a short time. »" ‘ Wp .will send the ten books described below, by mail, post-paid to any address, on receipt of $1. and for twenty-five cents extra, sent at the same time, will include one year’s subscription to FARM AND FIRESIDE, the leading agricultural and home journal of the world. PARTirrXAR NOTICE.—Wo reserve tlie righl *o withdraw this Dollar Offer at anv 11m< therefore subscribe at once if you want these TEN BOOKS FOR ONE DOLLAR, and tell all your friends we have made tho grandest ofler of the century. FOR 25 CENTS, A COPY OP ANY BOOK IN TITIS LIST WILL RE SENT BY MAIL, TOST-PAJD. Orders taken now, and books mailed as soon as published. One will be issued every two weeks. LIFE and ADVENTURES of ROBINSON CRUSOE. This well-known book may be ranktd as the most popular standard juvenile book ever printed. Our edition is complete, and contains the wonder- ful adventures of a cast-awav_ upon a desert Premiums.—For a club of 2, weekly we give a copy of "Bees and Honey ;" for a club of 5, weekly, we will give a Cook’s Manual, a Bee-Keeper’s Guide, bound in cloth ; for a club of 6, we give a copy of the Jouknal for a year free. It will pay to devote a few hours to the Bee Journal. It is a Foolish Mistake to confound a remedy of merit with the quack med- icines now so common. We have used Parker’s Ginger Tonic with the happiest results for Rheumatism and Dyspepsia, and when worn out by overwork, and know ittobe a sterling health restorative.—Times. See adv. 27w4 4^* It would save us much trouble, if all would be particular to give their post orrice address and name, when writing to this office. We have letters (some inclosing money) that have no name, post-office, County or State.— Also,if you live near one postofh’ce and get your mail at another, be sure to give the address we have on our list. CLUBBIKG LIST. island. Complete in one vol. Fully illustrated. THE PILGRIMS PROGRESS From this world to that which is to come. This re- markable book, us every one knows, was written under the similitude of a dream, by John Bunyan, the most popular religious writer in the English language; ami perhaps more copies have been Fold than any other book except the Bible. Our edition is complete and unabridged, with ap- Cropriate illustrations. LLIVER S TRAVELS. Th Bbook tells of tin-supposed travelsnnd surpris- ing adventures of Lemuel Gulliver into several remoteregiousof tin* world, where he met with a race of people no larger than your hand. Also his wonderful exploits among giants. Complete inunc volume. Finely illustrated. THE ARABIAN NIGHTS* ENTERTAINMENTS. Illustrated with numerous wood engravings, de- scriptive of those many strange and singular stories which tho legend says the Sultaness of p-^rja related to the Sultan night after night, iti order to prolong her life, and ttius finally won his a flections and delivered the many virgins, who but for her would Lave been sacrificed to h.s unjust resentment. SAVED AT LAST FROM AMONGTHE MORMONS. Every man and woman in the laud shou<d real this story which is founded upon facts, and gives an insight into the low estate of woman under the Mormon rule. BREAD AND CHEESE AND KISSES. Bv B. L. Farjeun. A very popular Christmas story after the style of Dickens: abounds in excellent and novel features; is chiefly remarkable for its admirable picture of country life, giving the history of a very happy and contented young couple’ who thought no lot in life too lowly for the ut of Bread and Cheese and Kisses. We supply the Weekly American Bee Jour- nal and any of the following periodicals, for IB81, at the prices quoted in the last column of figures. The first column gives the regular price of both : Publishers’Price. Club. The Weekly BeeJournal (T.O.Newman) . .$2 00 and Gleanings in Bee-Culture* A.I.Root) 3 00.. 2 75 Bee-Keepers’ Magazine (A.J.King). 3 00 2 00 Bee-Keepers’Exchange (J.H.Nellisj 2 75.. 2 50 The 4 above-named papers 4 75.. 3 75 Bee-Keepers’InstructoriW.Thomas) 2 50.. 2 35 Bee-Keepers1 Guide (A.G.Hill) 2 50.. 2 35 Kansas Bee-Keeper 2 30.. 2 15 The 7 above-named papers 6 05.. 5 00 Prof.Cook’sManuahboundincloth) 3 25.. 3 00 Bee-Culture (T.G.Newman) 2 40.. 2 25 Binder for Weekly, 1SS1 2 85.. 2 75 For Semi-monthly BeeJournal, $1.00 less. For Monthly Bee Journal, $1.50 less. JOHN PLOUGHMAN’S PICTURES; Or.More of his Plain Talk for Plain People,hy Rev. Chas. II. Spuxgeon, This hook is exceedingly humorous and instructive, using the simplest form of words and very plain speech. To smite evil, and especially the monster evil of drink, has been the author’s earnest endeavor. The humor and homely wisdom of this book should carry it into eery household. Complete in one volume— containing a great number of pictures. NEW FARM AND FIRESIDE COOK BOOK. BEST COOK BOOK KV Fit PUBLISHED. Contains about 1,000 Recipes, It is just the book that every wile and housekeeper needs. It tells how to cook all kinds of bread, cakes and meats; it tells how to make all kinds of soup; it gives recipes for cook- ing fish, oysters, poultry and game ; it tells how to select the best poultry, fish, meats, etc.; it gives the best methods of preparing sauces and salads and all kinds ol vegetables for the table; and tells the housekeeper all she needs to know about bread, biscuits, rolls, puddings, pies, custards, creams, cookies, tea, coffee, chocolate, bome-made candies, antidote for poison, cooking for the sick, and many other uselul things. /ESOP’S FABLES. The ranicsol j&sopus, an apt representative ot toe great social and intellectual movement of the aue which he adorned. Born a slave, ne torced nia way by his mother-wit intothecourts of princes. He knew that to be tolerated in courts he must speak to please, and he gave lessons both to prince and people by recitals of fables, which were very popular in Athens during the most brilliant period of its literary history ; and he who had not ^Ksop’s Fables at his finger’s ends was looked upon as an illiterate dunce by Athenian gen- tlemen. In one vol. Very profusely illustrated. NOBLE DEEDS OF MEN AND WOMEN. A history and description of noble deeds, present- ing correct and beautiful models of noble life to awaken the impulse to imitate what we admire. By the recorded actions of the great and good we regulate our own course, and steer, star-guided, over life’s trackless ocean. pure enjoyme Complete in one volume, with illustrations. The usual price of these books hound in cloth is SI.00 to£3.00each. We propose to bind them in heavy paper or thin card board, and send them by mail and prepay the postage, lor 25 cents each. They com- prise a wide range and striking diversity ol the most brilliant and pleasing pro Suctions of the most noted aaid popular authors, and include bocks of travels, adventures, fiction and humor, so that all tastes will be suited. We propose to call it the Farm and Fireside Iibrauy, and anyone obtaining these ten books will possess a library of ten of the most popular books ever published. We have not room to give a full description of each book, but all will be delighted who obtain these noted hooks at so low a price. THE BOOKS will be the latest and most complete editions, and will contain many illustrations, one alune requiring thirty-nine pictures to complete it. THE PAGES are about 5% by S inches—the most convenient size for reading and preservation. THE TYPE is Minion, easy on the eyes. THE PAPER is heavy and of a beautiful white color. THE FIRST ROOK, Robinson Crusoe, was ready about April 1st. One of the others will follow every two weeks and be mailed to subscribers as soou as published. RI’.EIARHjE.—Messrs. Rowell & Co., publishers of the American Newspaper Directory, writing of the publishers ot Fa KM and Firesidk, say, " they are accredited by the Mercantile Agencies with a capital of a Million dollars, and are too well known and too much respected to make it worth while to make any statements which are not true." Therefore all are sure to get the above books if careful to direct letters cofrrectlv. MONEY SHOVED BE SENT by Post Office Money Order or Registered Letter, addressed to Publishers of FARitf AND FIRESIDE, Springfield, Ohio. Floreston Colo&rne Tho Most Fragrant and Idling or all l’ i ■ 11. i in. – -. New,* FaiMonabll ‘Sold by ilea’ers i n Drugs & l’erfum- efy. Signature of Hiarox & *■■’■.. N. V., I m-v.-ry bottle. ■ All Farmers, Mothers, business Men, JMechan- ‘ics, &c, who are tired out by work or worry, and" , all who are miserable with Dyspepsia, Rheuma-^ tism, Neuralgia, or Bowel, Kidney or Liver Com– ■plaints, youcan beinvigorated and cured bv using PARKErTSGlMlfiTOK ■ If you .iro wasting away with Consumption, JJ.S-4 ‘eipation or any weakness, vou will find Parker’sl .Ginger Tonic the greatest Blood Fertilizer and thej ;Best Health &StreiigthRestorer youCanllsej and far superior to Bitters and-other Tonics, as it 1 builds up the system, but never intoxicates. 50J ct. and$r sizes. Hiscox & Co.. ChemUts, N Yj Remove? Dandruff Prevents Baidnes* HAIR BALSAM i:,-…rc,c„i,r PARKER’S GOLD MEDAL Awarded the Author. A new and great Medical Work, warranted the ] be3tand cheapest.indispensa- ble to every man, entitled "The Science of Life, or Self- Preservation ;"bound in finest French muslin,embossed, full gilt,:joopp.,contains beautiful steel engravings,] :Ti prescrip- tions,prfce only $1.25 sent by mail: Illustrated sample.6c; OW THVQrTT1 sen"’ now. Address Peabody VV lnioLlil. Mclii-al instituteorDr. W. H. PAKKER, No. 4 Bultinch St., Boston. 2iiwly

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ESTIMATES » Given for ADVERTISING in any Bk NEWSPAPER in the Country. Our new! H& Price List fur Advertisers bent free. IMC.A. roOKd-t’O., Advertisinc Aeents.1 ^^ Cor. Dearborn & Waah’n StB., Chicago. Read what they Say! o The only swarm of bees alive in this township, contains a queen 1 bought of you ; they are lively. J. K. M. Allen. Greencastle, Ind., April 16, 1881. Of the 31 dollar queens purchased of you last season, only one proved impurely fertiized. They have wintered finely, while three-fourths of the bees in this section are dead. L. Densmoke. Livonia Station, N. Y., April 11, 1881. Could give scores of letters in praise of Our Strains of Italians, like ttie above. If you want bees that are hardy enouKli to SURVIVE OUR COLDEST WINTERS, and thut will pile up the box honey, give us a trial order. Can furnish DOLLAR 01 i-:i:ns, ■WARRANTED QTJEENS, TESTED «ttJEE>S mid IMPORTED O.XTEENS, Bees by the Pound, NUCLEI AN!) FULL COLONIES. Before ordering poods, send us a listof articles you wish to purchase, and get our price for the same. OI It 40-PAGE CATALOGUE of Apiarian Supplies, free to all. Address, H. A. BURCH & CO. l«wtf South Haven. Mich. ITALIAN QUEENS, Full Colonies. Nuclei and Bee Hives specialties. Our new Illustrated Catalogue Of Bees, Supplies, Fine Poultry, Small Fruits, &c.. Free. JS^Send for it and save money. J. T. SCOTT & BRO., Crawfish Springs, Ga. 2w$!tx Books for Bee-Keepers, Sent by mall, postpaid, on reoelpt of price, by THOMAS C. NEWMAN. P74 West Madison Street, CHICAGO, ILL Bee*Keeper*i Guide ; or, Cook’a Mmiuui ut’ th* Apiary. Entirety re-wrltten, elegantly illustrated and rally " up with tin- times" on every subject of iMM’-ruluii’i’. it is imt only Instructive, !nit Intensely Interesting and thoroughly practical. The book Is a masterly production, and one that no bee-keeper, however limited his means, can anord todo without. Cloth, #1.215 ; paper cover, DM. Quliiby/’a New Bee-Keepliier. by L. C. Root— The author treats the subject of bee keeping bo that It cannot fail to interest all. Its stvle is plain and forcible, making all its readers realize that Its author is master of the subject.—#1.5©. Novice’s ABC ot’Bee-Ciilture, by A. I. Hoot —This embraces "everything pertaining to tho care ol the honey-bee." and is valuitbli’ to hot-‘irim’r* and those more advanced. Cloth, #1.2i>; paper, !$1. Klnic’* Bee-Keeper** Text-Book, bv A.J. King.—This edition is revised and brought down to the present time. Cloth, Sl.OOj paper, 75e. LnnsrMroth on the If Ive and Honey Bee. —This is a standard scientific work. Price. SB3. Blessed Bees, by John Allen.— A romance of bee-keeping, full of practical information and contagious enthusiasm. Cloth. fiil.OO. Bees and Honey : or, successful nmiiiiire- ment ot" the Apiary, by Thomas O. Newman.— Th> embraces the following subjects : Location of the Apiary— Honey Plants — (Jueen Rearing— Feeding — Swarming — Dividing — Transferring — Italianizing — Introducing Queens— Extracting— Quieting and Handling Bees — Marketing Honey, etc. It is published in English and German.— Price for either edition, 40 cents, postpaid. Food Adulteration ; What we eat and should not eat. This book should be in every family, anil ought to create a sentiment against ad 11 Iteration of food products, and demand a law to proteel the consumer against the numerous lir>alth-destroytng adulterations offered as food. 200 pages ‘* Easy Calculator.—These are handy tables for all kinds of merchandise and interest. It is really a lightning calculator, well bound, with slate and pocket. Cloth, SI. ; Morocco, SI.50. Moore’s Universal Assistant, and Com- plete Mechanic, contains over 1,000,000 Indus- dustrial Facts, Calculations, Processes, Trade Se- crets, Legal Items. Business Forms, etc., of vast utility to every Mechanic, Farmer and Business Man. Gives 200.000 items for Gas, Steam. Civil and Mining Engineers, Machinists, Millers, Black- smiths, Founders, Miners, Metallurgists, Assayers. Plumbers, Gas and Steam Fitters, Bronzers. Gild- ers, Metal and Wood Workers of every kind. Builders. Manufacturers and Mechanics. 500 En- fiKAVixcsof Mill, Steam and Mining Machinery, Tools, Sheet Metal Work, Mechanical Movements, Plans of Mills, Roofs. Bridges, etc. Arrangement and Speed of Wheels, Pulleys, Drums, Belts, Saws, Boring. Turning, Planing, and Drilling Tools, Flour. Oat Meal, Saw, Shingle, Paper, Cot- ton. Woolen and Fulling Mill Machinery, Sugar, Oil, Marble, Threshing, and Rolling Mill, do.. Cot- ton Gins, Presses, etc. Strength of Teeth, Shaft- ing, limiting. Friction. Lathe Gearing. Screw Cut- ting, Finishing Engine Building, Reparing and Operating, Setting of Valves, Eccentrics, lank and Valve Motion, Steam Packing, Pipe and Boiler Covering, Scale Preventives, Steam Heating, Ven- tilation,Gas and Water Works, Hydraulics Mill Dams, Horse Power of Streams, etc. On Blast Furnaces, Iron and Steel Manufacture. Pros- pectlng and Exploring for Minerals. Quartz and Placer Mining, Assaying, Amalgamating, etc. 461 with 500.000 Calculations in all possible forms for Mechanics, Merchants and Farmers. Km items for Printers, Publishers, and Writers for the Press. 1,000 items for Grocers, Confectioners, Physicians, Druggists, etc. 3m Health Items. 500 do. for Painters, Varnishers, Gilders, etc. 500 do. for Watchmakers and Jewelers. 400do. for Hunt- ers, Trappers Tanners, Leather <fc Rubber Work. Navigation, Telegraphy. Photography, Book-keep- ing, etc., in detail. Strength of Materials, Effects of Heat. Fuel Values, Specific Gravities, Freights by rail and water—a Car Load, Stowage in Ships, Power of Steam. Water, Wind. Shrinkage of Cast- ings, etc. IOjOOO items for Housekeepers. Farmers, Carpenters, Gardeners, Stock Owners. Bee-keep- ers, Lumbermen, etc. Fertilizers, full details, Ru- ral Economv. Food Values, Care of Stock. Reme- dies for do., to increase Crops. Pest Poisons, Train- ing Horses, Steam Power on Farms. LniHTNING CALCULATOHforCubioMeaaures, Ready Reckoner. Produce, Kent, Board, Wages. Interest,Coal and Tonnage Tables. Land. Grain, Hav, and Cattle Measurement. Seed. Ploughing, Planting and Breeding Tables, Contents of Granaries. Cribs, Tanks, Cisterns, Boilers, Logs, Boards, Scantling, etc., at sight. Business Forms, all kinds. Special Laws of 49 States. Territories, and Provinces (in the U. S. and Canada), relating to the Collection of Debts, Exemptions from Forced Sale, Mechanics’ Lien, the Jurisdiction of Courts, Sale of Real Es- tate, Rights of Married Women, Interest and Usury Laws, Limitation of Actions, etc. The work contains 1.016 pages, Is a veritable Treasurv of Useful Knowledge, and worth Its weight in gold to any Mechanic. Business Man, or Farmer. Price, postage paid, S3.50.

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