Locating Recommended Patio Health Saunas


Are you organizing a spa getaway and want to include outdoor saunas as part of your experience? If so, read on for an overview of some of the most elite spas in the world that offer incredible sauna experiences.

Ananda Spa

Year after year, this incredible spa makes the list of top spas in the world by Conde Nast Traveler magazine. From its remote location to its incredible facilities and world-renowned instructors, Ananda is truly an experience. The spa also offers beautiful outdoor saunas known for their restorative effect.

The cost of your stay will depend on the program that you book, the length of your stay and whether you’re a resident of India. Keep in mind though, that Ananda is not cheap.

Victoria Jungfrau Hotel and Spa

Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel and Spa is a massive facility tucked in the Swiss mountains. It’s known for its restoring waters and incredible saunas, along with some of the best anti-aging treatments in the world. The spa offers two bio saunas, a Turkish bath or steam room and an incredibly hot Finnish sauna. They also provide numerous other treatments and seminars.

You can spend time in the saunas even if you’re not a hotel guest. You simply have to book a treatment at the connected spa. However, the rooms at the Victoria Jungfrau are incredible, so you may just want to book one anyway.

Rondane Spa

This incredible Norwegian spa combines the beauty of snow-capped mountains with the thrill of a Nordic sauna. Guests love running from the hot, healing sauna room out into the Norwegian night.

Guests can also enjoy nearby downhill and cross-country skiing, fitness classes, and snow shoeing.

La Ferme Saint Simeon

Also known as the Beauty Farm, this boutique spa is connected to some of Europe’s most restorative waters. The facilities include an infinity pool, hammam and an outdoor sauna. Their packages are reasonable too, starting at 182 Euros for a one-night spa stay, including several treatments.

Canyon Ranch in Massachusetts

Canyon Ranch is probably one of the best American spas in the country. The ultimate is visiting this beautiful retreat during the late weeks of autumn. You get to experience the beauty of the fall colors along with the invigorating feeling of the late season air.

Canyon Ranch offers much more than outdoor saunas – they have a full on-site spa, numerous treatmentsComputer Technology Articles, various outdoor activities and plenty of classes to enjoy. This spa has also been recognized by Conde Nast Traveler magazine.