Meditation: How to Witness the Mind & Attain Unconditional Peace


Learn How to Witness the Mind in Meditation and Experience Incredible States of Peace.   Easy Step By Step Instructions Lead You Into Deep Meditation.

The first step in learning how to witness the mind in meditation is to feel.

Close your eyes and bring your focus on feeling the sensations in this moment.

Whatever sensations that you notice, allow yourself to feel them.    Don’t try to define them or describe them.  We do not want to bring thinking into meditation.  Simply feel what is here as sensation.

You can bring your attention to the most dominant sensation and let your focus rest there if you like.  So as an example, if you feel sore in your right shoulder, allow yourself to feel that sensation.  Let your focus rest on the sensation in the shoulder.

Try this meditation now.

Now, from this point of feeling in meditation, feel your entire being.

With your eyes closed, notice this sense that you exist.  Not as a name or as a definition.  But simply feel existing itself.  You may associate it as your body.  This is fine, then feel the sensation that you call your body with your eyes closed.

Feel the sensation of existing in this moment.  Let yourself fully rest in this sensation of existing.  Relax into it.

Allow breathing to happen, allow thinking to happen but let your attention rest on feeling yourself existing.

If you do this, you will notice that this feeling of existing does not have boundaries and does not have a form.

It includes everything.   Everything that arises arises out of this feeling of being.

Nothing needs to be included, or excluded because it all arises out of this same feeling of existence.

And this feeling of existence is conscious.

You cannot separate consciousness and existence.

And the more you rest in this feeling, the more subtle and expansive it gets.

This in itself is a very deep state of meditation.  If you learn in meditation how to simply feel yourself existing, you are already enjoying a very deep state of peace.

Now from this state of existing, you can begin to witness thoughts arise and disappear in this consciousness.  

You do not need to interpret the thoughts.  They are like books arising.  You do not need to open the book and see what is inside; you simply see it as a book and let it go.  You see that a thought is arising and you let it go.

In this you can begin to experience the thoughts arising as energy. You can actually feel the thought arising as sensation, as energy. Energy arising in energy and disappearing back into the same formless conscious energy.

This state of meditation is very peaceful and blissful.  If you attain this state of witnessing the mind you are doing very well in meditation.  Beyond learning how to witness the mind, there is very little else you need to know.

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