Rent Books and save on your College Studies


With each passing term the size of books increases and same
way the prices increase. If
you are English major, then keeping the great literature Work you
study in Semester is worth buying, but what if you are a science major who will
never use textbook again after the semester concludes or if you are using
several books for one subject, then renting could be more beneficial. Many
students have habit of preparing their own notes by referencing two-three
books, buying all the books for just one subject can be way much costly. For
such students Book Rental Companies can be of great help.

Working part-time job becomes difficult for student after
spending Long hours in class, study sessions, and homework. Few years back when
internet was not in the scene buying books was the only option. But with the
help of internet revolution many industries have flourished and one among them
is Rental Book Companies.

Many Online stores have come up where one can easily rent
books for certain time of his/her own choice. Most of them have huge collection
of books and it is very easy to find a book of your choice. Once selected
student can decide the time like number of days he/she wants to rent. After
selecting the time, one has to decide the shipping way whether he wants urgently
within one day or normal shipping of two to three days. Shipping charges do
vary with the type of shipping you decide. After shipping decide the mode of
payment and check out. Within few days you can get the book you ordered. If not
satisfied with the condition of the book you can even return them and get a new

During the rental time just make sure that you don’t damage
the book by spilling water, pen marksFind Article, torn cover or any other damage.
Returning the book is even easy and free of cost. In order to save shipping
charges while returning just pack the books in the same box you got them.
Renting books can save a big fortune for students who have limited budget to
manage everything from food to books to clothes to parties.

Renting Books can be much beneficial to students as it can
help them save hundreds of dollars every time they order books. Along with this
there are many more ways to save on rental charges.


Cash Back

Students can search coupons on various online coupon
websites for Rental Book’s websites along with this placing order by some Cash
Back website can be more saving. So the coupons and Cash Back gives double
saving on rental charges. 

Top TEN Books in African Politics

Dr. Maiden here with another “Top 10” series! This time, check out my top 10 books in African Politics. I’ve listed the books below.

1. Inside African Politics, 2nd edition (Dunn & Englebert, 2019)
2. The Wretched of the Earth (Fanon, 1963)
3. Citizen and Subject (Mamdani, 1996)
4. Markes and States in Tropical Africa (Bates, 1981)
5. Institutions and Ethnic Politics in Africa (Posner, 2005)
6. The Paradox of Chiefs in Democratic Africa (Baldwin, 2016)
7. Dead Aid (Moyo, 2009)
8. Stuck (Sommers, 2012)
9. Mighty Be Our Powers (Gbowee, with Carol Mithers, 2011)
10. The Trouble with the Congo (Autesserre, 2010)

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