Review: Corel Paint IX


It has been said that Corel Painter IX is the world’s most powerful Natural-Media painting and illustration software. Corel allows commercial designers, photographers and professional artists to hone their talents and techniques in creating their masterpiece. Corel Painter IX is an extremely stylish painting and illustration application which is designed to seize the complex distinction of traditional art tools while manipulating the implausible power of digital media. It is an essential tool for film making, illustration, photography, fine arts, commercial design and game development.

Corel Painter IX features an improved performance and productivity. It is the fastest version of Corel ever made. It performs ten times faster and brushes work twice as fast. It also features a new welcome screen, enhanced brush control palettes and new frames per second control. By this addition, animators can now test frame rates directly in Corel Painter. Another addition is the new customizable shortcut keys which offer unprecedented level of control over the workflow by enabling complete customization of shortcut keys.

With Corel Painter IX, a milestone in the evolution of digital art has taken place. New artist’s oil painting system can be blended, mixed and made ‘organic’ thus, it blow away preceding misconceptions of a possible digital realm. The new snap-to-path-painting is a time-saver feature where users can paint or draw perfect curve or shape. With it, brush strokes along a vector path or shape is no longer impossible. In Corel Painter IX Digital Watercolor has been significantly improved. It becomes more realistically than ever before. For photographers, the new quick clone enables them to easily transform a photo into painting.

Pre-ordering of Corel Painter IX is available through Corel and selected partners. A free trial version is also available for download. The suggested retail pricing of Corel Painter IX is $429 (US) for full, $229 (US) for upgrade and $99 (US) for the education edition. You can visit for more information.

Giving opportunity to beautify photos and painting regardless of the medium is its specialty. Painters are now throwing away the digital curse because they can now sensitively emulate paint, stroke, brush, texture and atmosphere. Some of the satisfied users say that they simply could not have produced a great artworkPsychology Articles, reminiscent of the original movie for a production without Corel Painter IX.

There is really no substitute for Corel Painter. It has remarkable power and striking versatility. It sets a standard for performance to redefine the digital art and mastery. No doubt about it – Corel Painter IX has taken digital art to the next level!