Short On Ideas For Getting My Ex Back? – Dos and Don’ts You Had Better Know



Your break up not sitting well, “getting my ex back” on your mind? Relationships can be tricky sometimes, the girl might think it is all about her while the guy believes relationships just happen with no work involved.So trying to figure out how to put it all back together is not usually easy. If your ex wanted you back then you would probably be together. No, this might take some doing, so let’s get started.What you should have is some idea of why the break up occurred and what your ex currently thinks of you. That is your start.Your tactics may have to be adjusted to account for whether or not there is at all a positive feeling towards you and the idea of getting back together. Half the battle is already won if you know he or she is already considering reconciling.There is opportunity for you either way, regardless. The advice I give you here will actually do you well whether you do end up getting your ex back or you start a new relationship sometime.So where to go from here, let’s start out with the “don’ts”, what NOT to do.1.) Don’t be angry about the situation. Chances are you are just as much at fault as the ex, but do not kick yourself either. Anger is not going to solve this, the past is past, we are moving forward.2.) Don’t resort to name calling, blame game, yelling or arguing. Again, that will gain you nothing. A strong relationship will not be forged with bad behavior.3.) Don’t forget that you are trying to win your ex back and make them fall in love with you again. What kind of behavior is more likely to result in someone loving you? Think about that.4.) Don’t be a pest or turn into a stalker. If your ex wants to be left alone then leave him or her alone. What can you gain by making them angry at you?OK, now that is out of the way let us turn to the more positive side of things, do’s that have a chance at making your ex love you again.1.) Act politely, in a caring fashion. Pretend you are just getting to know this person from the beginning and want them to like and eventually love you. How is that different than how you were treating him or her?2.) Do respect their space. If they want some time alone then tell yourself that getting my ex back can wait. Are they worth the wait, if not, move on to someone else.3.) Make contact with their interest in mind. When it comes time to get in contact, ask how they are doing and if there is something you can do for him or her. Offer to buy them coffee and just catch up as friends, no pressure.4.) Be the person you are. Trying to be someone you are not just to please them will not work, so be yourself. If yourself needs some improving then use the “quiet time” after the break up to do that improving.We help a lot of people who come to us for ideas on “getting my ex back”. We can show you what works and also what you need to avoid at all costs.If your ex is worth it then come and get some help at If they are not worth it, then why are you bothering?

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