Stock template or Custom Website, which one to use when building a high quality website?


Have you ever wondered what exactly goes into designing a website? An end user just browses the website. They do not know what goes into website development. We will tell you each and every aspect of building a website.

Before you commence on a web project for your company or organisation, it’s a good idea to get an overall picture of the actions that produce a successful website. While you think that wordpress website development means simply turning text and pictures into Internet-ready code, in reality, this is a relatively minor part of the process. Your content (i.e. text, images, etc.) is basically just a raw data. it takes time, proper planning and skill to turn this raw data into usable information. This ultimately affects the bottom line of your business or organisation in a positive manner.


First of all, when you begin the process of website development following terminologies should be kept in mind—


Before you start worrying about colour schemes and domain names, you’ve got to decide what platform you’re going to build your website with. Older website development makes use of HTML, CSS and even Flash. Current development focuses on HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Another important area of focus nowadays is responsive website design services or mobile friendly design.


We use 4 major methods/types for good business website design—


After choosing the required platform you will think how it’s all done? It is really very important to keep right people on the right project tasks, leading to the most successful outcome.

Our strong website design team is comprised of all roles defined below—


A successful e-commerce website development takes teamwork. Good-skilled people will generally find clever & innovative ways to get maximum bang for your buck. A high-quality website can hugely enhance customer acquisition for your business. So in order to create a successful website keep yourself ready with these important points.

Colt Steele on How to Become a Web Developer | CK AMA

Interested in web development?

Colt Steele is a developer who has spent the last six years teaching students web development and how to land jobs in tech. He has taught both in-person and online web development bootcamps, released 9 courses on Udemy with over 780,000 enrolled students, created a YouTube channel with free instructional videos, and has most recently partnered with Springboard to launch the Software Engineering Career Track.

Watch as Colt sits down with the Career Karma community and answers their questions.

Topics covered:
-common pitfalls for new web developers
-step-by-step plan on how to learn web development from scratch
-differences between online and in-person and how to make the most of an online learning experience
-how to stand out in the job search as a bootcamp grad or self-taught
-the importance of starting to build something on your own/building strong projects
-best way to approach his Udemy course
-how to succeed at bootcamp in general
-and much more

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