The guid is set. Now to seek out a druid


The guid is set. Now to seek out a druid
Eredaes pushed the heavy door of the Menders Guild open and stuck her head inside and spying Ashildr, she knocked lightly upon the wood, raising an eyebrow. "Still speaking to me?" she inquired, only half serious. Maybe. She knew it was kind of dirty – okay a lot dirty – to send Shadow alone to rope her into leading the guild, though it apparently had worked, and she hadn’t seen flames from the forest at any rate.

Ashildr had worked tirelessly through the day, beginning before the sun decorated the sky with the early rays of light. Tucking a thick lock of her ivory hair behind her pointed ear, she stood in the center of the windowless room on the first floor of the Menders guild and looked around. The warmth of the fire blazing in the fireplace gave the room a lovely amber glow that matched the evening sky as the sun began to retire for the night. "This should do." she murmured to herself, looking over the made cots to one side of the room and the rows and rows of books and potions to the other side of the room. The supplies were arraigned as they needed to be for the work of a healer and no expense was spared when it came to making sure the needs of those who would visit the Ardent Menders building were met. "What I really need now is a druid." she thought to herself as the small saplings sat in their pots upstairs in the garden just waiting to grow to their full potential. Upon hearing the large wooden door open, she looked up to see one she recognized and who put her in the position she now found herself in. Offering a gentle smile "Of course I am still speaking to you. Vedui Eredaes and welcome. It is good to see you again."

Eredaes laughed softly at that, pushing the door closed as she came more fully into the room, taking a look around. "Good to know," she told her, "Because I have no doubt the red headed little witch totally threw my name out there," she flashed a smile, the expression and tone showing amusement and maybe even affection for the redhead in question which took the sting out of the words.

Ashildr nodded some. "It was a pleasure meeting your friend Shadow. She had mentioned you pointed her in my direction." Moving to a book shelf, she pushed them into place neatly then turned back around to face Eredaes. "I do have to say I am honored you thought of me to be of assistance in such an important task such as this."

Eredaes snorted in a very unladylike fashion. "Friend might be a strong word," she hedged, then smiled again and shrugged. "Call it a hunch," she winked at Ashildr. "And I certainly had no intentions of doing it; I think you’ll be better suited for it, frankly. However, I have no problem assisting you if you should need it, you only have to ask. That’s only fair I suppose after I sent her in your direction."

Ashildr sighed in relief at Eredaes offer to assist. It was one thing to be in charge of the healers back home in her avariel community amongst those she grew up with and knew very well. But it was completely different here in a strange new land with having only met a small handful of people. "Eredaes, I am so pleased to hear you offer your assistance. I prayed to the Goddess Hanali for such help beyond divine guidance." Pausing for a moment and bringing her curled finger to her chin, she tilted her head slightly "I wonder.. would you happen to know of any druids here about? While there is much vegetation that grows here, I had planted some saplings of various herbs for use and I hoped to.. further their growth a bit."

Eredaes drifted around the room as Ashildr spoke, wanting to see how things were set up here, having no doubt they would be well appointed, that did not seem to be Shadow’s issue with the guilds. It was also mostly her innate curiosity and attraction to things rather shiny. She lifted up on tiptoes to peer at some of the labels on various bottles, or see if she could determine what was inside without actually picking them up and sniffing when they weren’t. She turned back to Ashildr at her question, looking over her shoulder, expression thoughtful. "Well," she said after a moment, considering. "I know some who had planned to make the move here after…what happened in Letum." She cleared her throat, offering no more on that. "And the druids and rangers who did not stay to perish with their forest…well, I imagine some of them made their way here. I have seen some familiar faces while I was looking for a den, that is where I would start: the forest."

Ashildr watched Eredaes look around the room they were in, assuming she was making sure things were set up right. The impression she got from Shadow was that Eredaes was the first pick for being the guild leader, though truth be told she did not mind one bit being second choice. Being an unknown has its perks… for one, she had no expectations to live up to since no one really knew her and she could do things the way her beloved mother had taught her. "I would imagine no one would wish to perish in that dreadful fire when Letum burned." she nodded once. "Is there a name I could as for? A description perhaps?"

Eredaes sighed, looking sad for a moment. "Some likely chose to…their connections to the forest," she shook her head though her shoulders squared just a touch. "It was a necessary thing, what happened there." Was there just the mildest touch of defensiveness to her words? Perhaps, but she waved a hand as if to push the subject away. "I was friendly enough with some of those who were close to the forest in Letum, we were not at cross purposes so they had no issue with me, even though I did not make my home in their forest specifically. There was one elf, I honestly do not know if I ever caught her name, red hair…rather wild looking. She may be able to help you, if you can find her."

Ashildr listened to Eredaes speak of those who decided to stay to their demise. She lowered her head and offered a moment of silence for those who perished. After, she gently folded her delicate hands in front of her form and nodded at Eredaes’ words. "Red hair.. elf.. lives in the forest. Alright, thank you. I shall seek her out soon and hopefully she will be able to help the saplings grow to their full potential for use." Drawing in a long breath, she looked around the room a bit. "Now that that wheel is in motion, would you care to look around? This building is rather a nice size and it should provide the needs of those who will call themselves Menders."

Eredaes blew out a breath, giving her head a little shake as if to clear it while Ashildr offered her prayers. She smiled at her invitation though and nodded. "I would like that very much, this building is intriguing indeed. It makes me wonder if it did not use to house a chapter of the Brotherhood, it is so similar to the one they called home in Letum."

Ashildr gently kicked her cape behind her as she turned around to head up the stairs after a small smile. "I would not be surprised if this building was indeed used for something else. It is quite sturdy and I did find some useful items when I arrived and am using them now." Heading up the stairs as her feet made nary a sound against each stone step. She moved with otherworldly grace and kept her pristine white wings tight against her back, especially through the narrow stairway. As she reached the second floor, she stepped out of Eredaes’ way to better view the room.

Eredaes followed Ashildr up the narrow steps, letting her fingers trail along the stone. "I imagine it has many stories to tell," she mused. "And it does not surprise me you found what you needed, from what Shadow was saying, these guilds were set up, and are supported still, by order the Empress."

Ashildr nodded, "I am ever so grateful to the Empress she did so." Pausing long enough for Eredaes to enter the room and have a chance to look around. "This is where we can find peace, harmony and meditation. Those who are not given so much to prayer, can still find this room to be useful with the items here on this table. I pray each student reaches their full potential.. much like the saplings I have hopes for." Her lips curled into a smile, especially since she was not usually one for attempting humor too often but when she did, she couldn’t help but smile at her own attempt.

Eredaes laughed softly as she moved about the room, not quite touching things, fingers ghosting near the surface, leaning in to sniff at this or that incense. "Yes, you may find the saplings much less complicated though. You may end up with a lot of clashing personalities, even amoung those of the healing persuasian that can get interesting. It’s an interesting experiment, one I have not really seen repeated elsewhere. It makes you wonder how things fell into such disarray in the first place, but Shadow either did not know or was not telling. I had already pressed her limited patience enough by flat out refusing what she…ah…offered."

Ashildr’s expression was filled with compassion as her vivid blue eyes looked to Eredaes. "I am sure Shadow understood your refusal. After all, you had your reasons and all things work together for good, eventually." She nodded at her own words then looked to the stairs leading upward. "Shall we?.." she moved gracefully up the stone stair well to the next level and once again, made room for Eredaes to enter behind her and look around.

Eredaes just smiled softly at Ashildr’s words, unable to really explain verbally why she had refused, it simply had not felt right to say yes. Moving to the next floor, it was then that her eyes truly lit up as she took in the library and the workstations. "Oh, now here is a place I could spend a long time in…"

Ashildr motioned with her delicate hand around the room. "This space is as special to me as a room for prayer. Here is where knowledge unfolds. If you look around you’ll see tomes and literature and scrolls filled with sacred and ancient text. The students will be sure to absorb a fountain of knowledge. And of course you are always most welcome to make yourself at home here."

Eredaes drifted to the books that had chains dangling from them, leaning close to examine them, fingers itching to see what the tomes and scrolls in this room contained. "Yes, I will likely spend quite a bit of time here," she stated, glancing over her shoulder. "With your leave of course, guild mistress," her lips quirked into a teasing smile.

Ashildr’s vivid blue eyes lit up with joy. "I would be most honored to have you here. Whether to come for your own studies, to assist or even just to spend time getting to know one another." With a gentle kick of her foot she shifted her cape behind her once again as she turned to head up the stair well. "Up here you’ll find something very interesting, I think."

Eredaes smiled warmly at the other woman, giving a slight dip of her head. "I think I can likely do all three of those things," she assured her, trailing after her up the stairs into the very top of the structure. "Oh," she said, "I never got to see this from the inside in Letum…" she moved to the windows, looking out over the Vale. "It’s gorgeous up here…" she trailed her fingers over one of the plants. "A built in greenhouse."

Ashildr took her time gently touching leaves and petals as if tenderly caressing a small child. Though not one to care for nature like a druid would. her love of herbs came from a deeply held belief that herbs held the key to healing and helping all sorts of ailments. Her life mission was to assist in any way she could, just about any person she could. And herbs were one of the many tools she used to do just that. "This greenhouse is something spectacular, I think. It lets me grow herbs and plants in any weather and as you can see.. many have taken home already. I just feel a tad impatient and would like them to grow strong healthy roots. Especially with the thought that perhaps some fled the forest of Letum a bit too late and could need medical care."

Eredaes nodded, doing a circuit around the room, a soft smile on her lips. "It is an ingenious use of the space," she agreed and then her lips pursed slightly at the mention of injured. "Indeed," she said quietly, staring out over the port for a moment. "It was…unfortunate that things had to end as they did, but there was little choice left at that point."

Ashildr gently shook her head at the mention of the end of Letum and how it ended. "No.. of course. There was little that could be done. But… Now we have a great task ahead of us. I have a red-headed forest elf to find and ask to help me grow these saplings. I aim to have the Empress pleased with the work we do here." She gently touched the nearest plant and smiled. "A couple of areas we’ve yet to explore… one is my office and the other is the downstairs living quarters. You’re welcome to make yourself truly at home if you ever wish. Unfortunately for now, I should begin searching the forest for the elf you told me about. It was so good to see you Eredaes."

Eredaes nodded, her expression far away. "Yes and I should be going, thank you for the warm welcome. I will have to show you my home soon. Be well, Ashildr."
By Gweneth Lange inworld on 2017-03-10 06:23:31

It may feel to many of us that we can do little at this point in time to help create peace in the world. However, by just being conscious of our thoughts we might, indeed, be able to move ourselves and the rest of the world just a little bit closer to this goal. We can find peace if we only become conscious of where we place our attention.

As the great Rebbe Nachman taught, “You are wherever your thoughts are. Make sure your thoughts are where you want to be.” I heard this same teaching in metaphysical circles many years ago expressed in a slightly different manner: Thoughts are creative. What we think about expands. Our thoughts attract what we want, which most recently has been called the Law of Attraction.

In other words, if we spend much of our time watching the news of war and terrorism and if we focus most of our attention on the lack of peace and joy in the world, we will find ourselves experiencing more war, terrorism, sorrow, and suffering. However, if we force ourselves to focus on that which brings us joy or makes us feel peaceful, we will find ourselves increasing our own joy and peace. In addition, the more joyous and peaceful our thoughts are – and, in turn, we are, the more positive energy we send out into the world. Our manner of thinking, therefore, becomes a form of “tikkun olam,” which in Hebrew means a way to heal or fix the world.

If enough of us focus our attention on joy and peace, maybe, like the 100th monkey, we can cause others around the world to experience more joy and peace. According to the story, one monkey learned to wash its potato in water before eating it and then taught others to do the same. When the metaphorical 100th monkey began washing its potato in the water, the rest of the monkeys suddenly began doing so. As if traveling in the collective monkey unconscious, this behavior jumped across the ocean and other monkeys in other places began washing their potatoes as well.

It seems we don’t need everyone to change to create change on a larger scale. We just need enough people to change. Imagine, you could be the “100th” human to transform your consciousness and create a critical mass, a metaphysical and spiritual quantum leap! And, “abracadabraPsychology Articles,” world peace would become a reality.