Write Short Stories for Money


The old
saying says that each of us has a novel inside us, but what about writing short
stories for money? Many people are finding that writing stories is a good way
of earning a little extra cash, and in these days of internet publishing there
are many outlets that allow you to publish short stories and to possibly make
some money from your efforts.

Of course, there is the story itself – where
does it come from? In truth you do not have to be a superbly accomplished
writer to put a good idea across, but it’s having that idea that counts. Here
are a few tips on how to go about writing stories for money.

with a clean sheet of paper

Begin at the beginning, in other words; take a
sheet of paper and jot down some ideas, phrases or words that may have inspired
you to come up with a story. Don’t be afraid to draw on personal experience –
every great author includes elements of people they know in their books

Keep a

On the bus, the train, or simply walking about
town you will see and hear things that may be of use; a joke in a bar, a chance
comment overheard – all can be useful in writing a short story.

the idea

Create a structure – decide what your story is
going to be about, and then look for the beginning, the middle and the end. The
plot may be very, very simple indeed; it’s what is written – and how – that is
important. Add a subplot for increased interest, or develop a different story
alongside the one you begin with; keeping the reader wanting more is the key to


Once you have a first draft invite a friend or
relative to review it; ask them for serious, constructive criticism. There will
be much more to remove than there will to add – why use ten words when one will

Be bold

In the first instance do not be afraid to be
farfetched and adventurous; stories do not have to be real, and some genre –
the sci-fi realm for one – can be other worldly and, frankly, almost

to publishing sites

If you use our search engine you will find a
number of online sources for publishing short stories; use these to your
advantage, and also take note of the many self publishing outlets that are
offering print on demand services. This way, when you have a selection of
stories ready to publish, you can publish economically.


The most important point of all is to enjoy your
writing – there is no point struggling with a story if it is merely a chore.
Use writing as a release, a get away from it all pastime and who knows – soon
you may be a published author!




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